Learn About Teeth Whitening Products For A Beautiful Smile

There is a lot of technological advancement in the dental industry that has resulted in the development of a variety of appliances, procedures and products to give you a great smile. One of the options for achieving a beautiful smile is by whitening your teeth.

There are various ways you can whiten your teeth – you can have them whitened at the doctor’s office, or you can use teeth whitening products at home. A wide variety of teeth whitening products can be purchased online at LoveThyself.com.au.

Who Can Use Teeth Whitening Products?

You can use teeth whitening products as long as your gums and teeth are healthy. If you have gum disease, you should first have it treated before using whitening products. Cavities in the teeth should also be filled since the whitening products will be absorbed into the tooth through the cavities and could cause sensitivity.

These products are also not recommended for pregnant women or mothers who are breast feeding. They should also not be used by anyone who is less than sixteen years of age because the nerve of the tooth tends to be quite large and can easily get irritated.

What To Look For In Teeth Whitening Products

Before selecting a teeth whitening product, it is a good idea to find out whether the product is effective. A good product should provide you with long lasting results that will not be difficult to maintain. The product should also be safe for use on the teeth and should not leave your teeth with permanent sensitivity or weakness.

A good product should lighten the color of your teeth by several shades, thus giving you a polished white smile. Highly effective teeth whitening products can be purchased online at LoveThyself.com.au.

Results Of Teeth Whitening

The results of any teeth whitening procedure do not last a lifetime. You can enjoy a bright white smile for about a year if you avoid foods and drinks that easily stain your teeth. The length of time you will enjoy the results of teeth whitening will depend on the product that you use and the severity of discoloration of your teeth. You will also see better results on healthy teeth as compared to teeth with cavities or those with weak enamel.

You cannot use whitening products on restorations such as crowns or veneers as they will not have any effect. The products work on your natural teeth and are especially helpful if they have a yellow tint. Whitening products may not work very effectively on teeth that have a brown or grey tone.

What Do Whitening Products Contain?

Most whitening products include whitening strips and gels containing hydrogen peroxide which dissolves the stains on teeth. The level of hydrogen peroxide present in over the counter products is about three percent. On the other hand, the products used to whiten teeth in the dentist’s office contain above fifteen percent hydrogen peroxide.

This means that you will need more time in order to get results when using whitening products at home as compared to the dentist’s office. However, the products that you use at home are cheaper and you can still get satisfactory results. Get yours today – quality teeth whitening products can be purchased online at LoveThyself.com.au.